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Freedom Consulting - improving performance through people

How often have you met some body in business and thought "if I could have people like that in my business we would be so much more successful and would n't it be a great place to work"

We can show you how, - honestly - it's not that difficult but it will require some effort from you and our expertise of course

You may already specify the technical skills or qualifications required by your employees but we bet you put more effort into choosing the right car, or new kitchen or even a holiday than you do specifying precisely what you want and need from your employees by way of personal characteristics and behaviors.

So how can we help you?

Your challenges - Our Expertise

  1. Helping you assess and document what success looks like in your organisation
  2. Reviewing the technical skills and competences required to achieve the success defined above
  3. Reviewing your recruitment and selection policy and process to improve your success rate in recruiting the right people
  4. Identifying the personality characteristics or attributes that are desirable in each role in your business
  5. Identifying the level of cognitive ability required to be successful in these roles
  6. Helping your choose the right selection techniques and psychometric tests to achieve your desired outcomes
  7. Putting in place simple measurement to track performance of the chosen selection methods


  1. Up to one days free consultancy to assess your needs
  2. Negotiable daily rates thereafter, hourly rates possible
  3. Experienced network of Associates
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